Tips for Married Couples!


sky line

sky line

southern star wheel
southern star wheel

January 11 09


is my 8th wedding anniversary. I have been with Simone for nearly 15 years and today we celebrated our marriage by experiencing the southern star observation wheel, dinner at Cafe la 35 stories up a skyscraper and a night at the Sofitel Hotel in the city.

Simone and I were reflecting on what we love about being married to each other and for 40mins or so we exchanged thoughts and reminded ourselves about what is most important in our marriage and why we love each other.

One of the things i shared with Simone is how much i admire her character. I’m continually amazed at how much Simone compliments me and helps me to become a better person. God knows i need Simone’s positive qualities in my life and God has given me to Simone to help her fulfill her potential as a person.

Marriage is a partnership that requires selflessness, loyalty, sacrifice, humility, commitment, communication, grace and passion. Simone has taught me 7 of these qualities and i have added to Sim the 8th.

Lead the Change!

4 Responses to “Tips for Married Couples!”

  1. Mel & Rox Says:

    Awww! You and Sim are so inspiring and such incredble Godly examples of what it looks like to have a Christ-centric marriage.
    Love you guys

  2. ann broome Says:

    ahhh, !!, love the photos,someone asked me why our church was different to others, my answer was the example that you both show, the way you compliment each other in your characters and personalities, what flows down from the head to the body is why we are “activate church “, we hold you both in high esteem, thankyou both for being so open with your lives and sharing you dreams and desires at the cost of everything, may you continue to lead the change in every way as we journey on together, love you both .

  3. gail zammit Says:

    you guys are God inspiring and really what we need in the body of guys are awesome and i love you

  4. gahh!!! i work at the wheel and the day you guys went on was my only day off that week gahhhh!!!

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