God-the Globe-and You!

Every morning after i blog i check out the latest news on the internet. I enjoy keeping updated with what’s happening but i also get quite disturbed at the state of our world. Anyone who is connected to what is going on around the world at the moment would agree that we are in turbulent times.

There have been three disturbing happenings that point to major issues in our world today. 

Israeli forces attacking the Hamas on the Gaza strip: This raises the issue of religious conflict across our globe today.  Israel and Palestine have been warring with each other for centuries but nevertheless it reminds us again of the central role that the middle east plays in shaping our global village. Everything seems to come back to Israel and it’s unique influence in the world. A former Israeli prime minister once remarked, “We have nothing going for us as a people except our spirit. It’s the spirit of the people that makes Israel who she is.”

In the outworking of God’s cosmic plan for the universe, the middle east is pivotal and as the bible tells us, tensions will continue to rise until God gives us a new heaven and a new earth.  Thousands are demonstrating across the world against Israel calling for sanctions to be imposed upon them. Shoe-throwing is common place now in public demonstrations around the world. Talk about starting an epidemic (Check out tipping point by Malcolm Galdwell).

Multi-billionaires commiting suicide on train tracks because of losing $100million in shares: This issue points to the stressed out economy and the biblical idea that you can gain the whole world and yet lose your own soul. The global economy is hurting at the moment and it’s affecting millions and millions of people.

I had the privilege of hearing an influential economist who lectures at Melbourne University and advises the cabinet on minimum wages at the Arrow Leadership conference last year. He commented that the only way the gov’t can avoid a national financial crash is to adopt an agressive unemployment policy which would see thousands of people lose their jobs. This would in turn effect what happens in the local communites and churches would be right in the centre of it needing to play an important role in speaking and ministering to the issues as a result.

(You tube clip) Kids beside themselves over receiving a Nintendo Wii at Christmas time: Connect to you tube and check out the numerous kids around the world flipping out over receiving a Nintendo Wii for Christmas…it’s disturbing. The clips have gone viral and it all points to the massive issue of consumerism being out of control where 12 year old kids have tears streaming down their face and sobbing, “My life is now complete…” What the…

These are not just global issues but they are issues that affect you insome way right where you’re at. It’s in God’s perspective that i take courage from John 16:33 – “I have said these things to you that in me you may have peace. in the world you will have tribulation. But take heart i have overcome the world.”

Lead the Change!

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