The spectacular ordinary life

Zechariah 4:10 exhorts us to not despise the day of small things.

Many of us are looking for the supernatural in the spectacular forgetting that the supernatural is often seen in the ordinary, mundane moments of life.

The dangerwith constantly pursuing the spectacular moments of life is that you come to despise the ordinary and you set yourself up for  disappointment because it’s in the ordinary that your life is most powerfully shaped.

It’s what you do everyday that makes your life extraordinary not what happens to you in one spectacular moment. Spectacular moments do come but they are birthed out of a lifestyle of consistency in the little things.

I am reading a book called ‘Tipping Point’authored by Malcolm Gladwell. In this insightful book Malcolm explores the dynamics that contribute to some product or happening becoming explosively viral and contagious. His conclusion, it’s the compounding of the little things that tips things over the edge and makes them significantly influential.

God didn’t just create the spectacular moments of life, he created the ordinary one’s too. From God’s perspective everything in your life is sacred and of incredible value, even the boring moments.  Maxmise the day you have before you today. Don’t despise the ordinary but see the spectacular in the ordinary because it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “The spectacular ordinary life”

  1. Ann Broome Says:

    Thank you Corey for your thoughts. It’s good to be reminded about appreaciting the ordinary moments of life. God is at work even in the ordinary parts of our lives.


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