Keep the main thing the main thing!

The Church of Jesus Christ is truly the hope of the world but so often the church appears powerless to influence the rising tide of evil and brokenness in the world. I personally feel overwhelmed at times by the spiritual state of Australia and how far away aussies are from God and yet they don’t even know it.

I see so many churches, including my own at times, getting off centre and focusing on things that are secondary to what is primary. Could this be one of the reasons why the church becomes inneffective in our witness to the world? We get distracted from the main thing.

What is the main thing that we need to keep the main thing? The main thing is the mission of Jesus Christ – to seek and save the lost. When the church is motivated by the mission of Jesus – preaching the gospel and making disciples, an amazing thing happens. Everyday people actually get impacted and transformed by the powerful love and grace of Jesus Christ. The church needs to be motivated by the things that motivate the heart of Jesus.

A church that is motivated by the mission looks like a church that creates an environment where everyone is welcome and everyone is needed. It looks like a church that preaches and teaches not to the choir (they’re already convinced) but to the seeker. It looks like a church that is engaged in the local community seeking out ways to build bridges with lost people and make a practical difference in the issues that affect people’s lives. It looks like a church that has a global concern for social and spiritual transformation. It looks like a church that is in love with Jesus and is growing in intimacy with him. 

Whatever your thoughts about the church are, She is still the bride of Christ and the hope of the world. The church has a central role in every city to demonstrate the love of Jesus and pursue the mission of Jesus the best we can. Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing.

Lead the Change!

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