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1 week with Corey – Day 5 + Highlights

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Our 1 week journey is nearly complete. Today is Saturday and i have a big day ahead. Here is how the day unfolded.

It began at 6am again with prayers, bible reading and studying my notes for the leaders summit. At 8.20am my EA Jade picked me up for the 8.30am briefing with the ministry team. At 9am we started our first session for the day where i spoke on ‘Building God’s House’ . It was very positive and everyone responded well.

The whole day unfolded very well with Simone speaking on leading mission-motivated life groups at 11am. Adrian Turner spoke next on Leading supernatural life groups at 12pm. At 1pm i had lunch with the all of the Activate leaders and then i printed off my notes for my last session of the day on Raising leading edge leaders at 2pm.

From 3pm till 5pm we had 2 more sessions on ‘Loving Community’ and ‘Leading an effective life group’. At 5pm the ministry team had to film and record a clip for ther opening night of Activate Conference April 2-4 2009. At about 6pm we got home and enjoyed some fun time with the kids.

At 6.30pm we had some friends come over and bring some Chinese take away. The kids went to bed at 7.30pm and then we sat through an intense and action packed move called ‘Taken’. It’s both disturbing and full on action. At about 10pm i looked over my notes for Sunday’s sermon as i launch the new series for February on Build God’s House. At 10.30pm it was time for a good night’s rest. The highlights for today include:

  • Great momentum in Activate as over 80 leaders get trained for ministry in 2009.
  • Encouraging stories of people feeling inspired from the teaching.
  • Seeing the great relationships being formed within the Activate community.
  • Seeing my kids when Sim and I got home all excited and happy about the day.
  • My first session today was electric…i really enjoyed it. Every now and then you feel like you hit the ball out of the park in ministry and it’s awesome.

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Day 4 Highlights

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Friday was a great sabbath day with the family. Here are the highlights:

  • Seeing my daughter try on her new school uniform and accessories…she looked fantastic.
  • Having lunch with my wife and kids at Doncaster shopping centre.
  • Catching up with my auntie and uncle at the shops.
  • Relaxing in the afternoon at home with some quietness.
  • Leaders summit opening session with Russell Evans from Planet Shakers.
  • Having a fantastic first session with 85 Activate leaders.

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1 week with Corey – Day 4

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Today is Friday and it’s my rest day so i’m going to enjoy it with my family as we try to get away from the heat wave. I have the leaders Summit tonight so that will cut the day a little short for my weekly Sabbath rest.

This is what my day looks like today:

I was up at 6am again and i finished reading my 8th book for the year titled, ‘Preaching to a post-modern world’. My goal is to read 100 books this year. I also blogged, prayed, read the word and listened to a podcast.

At about 9am i have breakfast with the fam and then we are off to pick up Chelsea’s new school uniform and books for her first day at Primary school on Monday morning…this is going to be massive for our family as our first child begins school life.

After Chelsea’s shopping we could do several things from a little bit of shopping to ace space kids playland to veging out together at home. We will head out to lunch together as a fam at about 12midday and then back home by 2.30pm for the kids to have their daily nap and quiet time. I will spend the afternoon with Sim or catching up on some errands around the house.

We will spend the afternoon mostly at home trying to stay out of the heat and then we will have dinner and get ready to be at the Leaders Summit for Ps Russell Evans from Planet Shakers. It will be a fantastic night that starts at 7.30pm. I will get there at 6.45pm to print off my notes, brief and pray with the team and  off we go. Hopefully we will see you there at 7.30pm at Activate Church offices L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood.

After sharing supper with Russell in my office i will head home at about 10pm for a big day of teaching tommorow. By 10.30pm i am updating my highlights for the day and then into bed catching some zzz’s and having sermon notes buzzing around in my head. 

I like to keep my rest days pretty flexible and open to anything we feel like doing, however when rare things like leaders summits are on, you gotta do what you gotta do. Connect back for some more highlights tonight.

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Day 3 Highlights!

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Well Day 3 is down and some twists and turns happened today. Here are the highlights (and lowlights):

  • I had incredible meetings today with everyone i was scheduled to meet.
  • I had a fantastic time finding out about Family Voice (Christian organisation set up to influence state & national politics and fight social issues of pornography, abortion and abuse)
  • All of my diary for 2009 was deleted off my palm pilot when someone…(they shall remain nameless…”tech doctors”…hehe) was trying to transfer calendar to my sexy iPhone.
  • Jumped in icy cold pool with my 3kids after work.
  • Nights activities were suspended as Sim and I went and saw Valkyrie with Tom Cruise (intense & fascinating)
  • I heard some devastaing news about a father throwing his 4 year old child off the west gate bridge today because he didn’t like the outcome of a family court hearing…i wanted to throw up and stayed awake thinking abouth this.

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    1 week with Corey – Day 3

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    Well we are 3 days into our journey together. If you have just joined us, we are journeying together as i share each day what it’s like to live a week with me as a pastor, husband, father and friend. Today is Thursday and generally Thursday is a day where i schedule appointments with people, pastorally counsel people and build my relational network. This is a sample of my day’s activities today:

    I was up again at 6am reading, listening to podcasts, blogging and having my devotions. I was out the door at 8.45am for my first appointment at 9am at Coffee Club, Knox city (The pastors den…you should see how many pastors turn up there) to connect with another pastor who i meet monthly for accountability and encouragement.

    On my way back to the office i stopped by Borders to do some research on a new series coming up in March called ‘CONTROVERSY’. At 11am i was back in the office finishing off my notes for the leaders summit. At 12pm i met up with someone from ‘Family Voice’At 1pm i connect with a staff member over lunch for some more mentoring and at 2pm i’m back out again meeting someone from David McCracken Ministries.

    At 3.30pm i am back in the office checking e-mails, following up phone calls and getting things ready for the leaders summit and Sunday services because i have a day off 2moro…there’s always something that comes up Thursday arvo. At 5.15pm i am working out and running on my treadmill for 40mins and then it’s time for dinner with the family.

    At 7.30pm the kids are in bed and after some chill out time with Sim at about 9pm i head back into the study to write some more of my soon to be released ‘Super+natural’ book. At 10.30pm it’s time for some more blog highlights and zzzz’s.

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    Day 2 Highlights!

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    Well Day 2 is down and highlights include the following:

    • Having my wife, kids and nieces meeting me at the door with excitement when i arrived home.
    • Completing 2 sermons today…it always takes longer than you think.
    • Completing my run in the scorching heat and jumping into an icy cold pool straight after.
    • Hearing about the great marketing of Activate rallies throughout Victoria.
    • Hearing about Chris Dicksons fantastic plans for the opening night of conference.

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    One week with Corey – Day 2

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    Welcome to day 2 (Wednesday) of our one week journey together. Recovering from a big day yesterday, I had the chance to sleep in a little. Up at 6am and into my normal routine of blogging, reading and devotions. I grew up training for athletics every morning and so over the last 9 years of ministry I’ve replaced my athletics training with spiritual training. This is one of the most important parts of my day and i really covet this time with God.

    At 8.30 it’s time to get ready and I’m out the door by 9am and into the church office. Wednesday is sermon preparation day. Because i have several sermons and leadership sessions to prepare for over the weekend i will need to work hard and complete 2-3 sessions today.

    I will spend the morning finishing off Sunday’s message on our new series, “Build God’s House” which i started on Monday and by 12midday i am checking e-mails and making phone calls. At 12.30pm i eat lunch while i’m working on my second sermon for the leaders summit. This session is not as involved as my normal preparation and by 3pm i am finished session 2. I recheck emails and make phone calls for 20mins and then by 3.30pm i am into session 3 prep which i won’t finish until later tonight. I am out of the office by 4.50pm

    At 5pm i am at home and out running with Chris Dickson for 40mins….it’s really hot…41degrees. At 6pm it’s time for dinner with the family and hang out time until 7.30pm when the kids have bed time. I catch up on the day with Sim for an hour and at 8.30 i spend 2 hrs finishing off my 3rd session for the weekend and by 10.30pm i am ready for another break , blog updates and more zzz’s. I don’t generally work on a Wednesday night but with so many engagements over the weekend, i’ve got to put in the hard yards to keep away from the stress line.

    So there you have it for wacky Wednesday. See you tonight where I will update my highlights for the day…Who knows what God has in store for you and me today regardless of what we have planned?

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