Recommended Books!

Recently i have read some outstanding books i think you should have a look at:

Intelligent Church – Steve Chalk

This book explores the vital need of the church to connect the Bible with 21st century culture in an effective way. Very provocative reading. 

The Visionary’s Handbook – Watts, Taylor and Means

This provocative book looks at the paradox of vision, time, value, leadership, competition and much more and turns all of the popular thinking about these concepts on their head and challenges you to go deeper in your thinking. Very applicable reading!

The Pioneer Spirit – Mal Fletcher

Mal helps us to reconnect to our pioneering roots as the Church and re-engage with popular culture. His word is a prophetic call to design the future and creatively innovate the gospel in compelling ways with the current generation.

Outliers: The story of success – Malcolm Gladwell

If you haven’t read any of Malcolm’s books, you better catch up. This guy has written international best sellers including, “Blink” and “Tipping Point”. He looks at the world through a different lens and communicates timeless truths in ways that compel you to action.

Lead the Change!

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