In 1 Samuel 3:1-10 we read the story of God speaking to Samuel when he was a little boy serving Eli in the temple. God called Samuel 3 times and each time Samuel thought that Eli, his teacher, was calling him and so Samuel would run to Eli and ask what he wanted.

On the 3rd time that Samuel went to Eli, Eli perceived that God was speaking to Samuel and instructed him to respond to God’s call with, “Speak Lord for your servant hears.” The 4th time God calls Samuel, Samuel responds to God as instructed and what God spoke to Samuel shaped his life and the future of Israel. 

This true story emphasises the desire and capacity of God to speak to us. While there are lots of ways God can speak to us, by far the most common way God speaks to us, both throughout scripture and my own life, is through ‘whispers’.

The whispers of God have shaped my life and ministry more than anything else. I started Activate Church because of a whisper. I have a son named ‘Joshua’ because of a whisper. Our church received $10,000 to purchase a truck to transport equipment around because of a whisper. I ran from Sydney to Melbourne (Run Pastor Run) and our church raised over $100,000 because of a whisper.

When any of us stop long enough to be still and know that he is God, God’s spirit will whisper profound and dangerous words that if we have the courage to heed will not only alter our lives but the lives of many others as well.

If you truly want your life to be extraordinary build your relationship with God and tune in your spiritual frequency amidst the hustle and bustle of life to God’s whispers and watch what God does through you.

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “Whispers”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Love this, Corey. It is so true; sometimes I avoid God’s whisper’s because I want to do my own thing but when I actually slow down and listen I am amazed at what He births in my life; things that I wouldn’t choose and yet bring forth incredible motion and change.
    Lately God has been compelling me to take moments of silence in my daily life; where I just stop, be still and listen to what is around me and allow God’s voice to speak to my heart. It is amazing how rare silent moments are and yet how vital they are to tuning in to God’s leading.
    Thanks so much for your faithfulness in blogging; I haven’t tuned in in awhile but it is so nice to come back here and find fresh insights and to connect to the vision. Love to you and Sim and the fam over the holidays. Am looking forward to the New Year at Activate. xox
    Oh and I love the BHAGs you have; I am planning some of my own for 2009 and beyond!

  2. Barby Bateman Says:

    ‘The Hearing Heart’ by Hannah Hurnard – ‘Hearing’ is the same Hebrew word as ‘obedient’ – keep obeying and keep hearing – I love what you share, and how you get the ‘whispers’.

  3. ann broome Says:

    thanks corey,I love the whispers of God, i agree, no matter how much noise is around you in the natural somehow that still small voice comes through, solomon asked God for a hearing heart it pleased God for he asked well,its a good excercise to train our inner ear to respond, i had that experience lately when I had a hearing test, really having to concentrate on the sound. there is a whispering wall in the barossa valley, you whisper into the wall and the sound travells more than 144 metres to the other end and you can hear the whisper perfectly, sometimes we can miss it, I’m glad you didn’t ,otherwise we may not have this amazing church, i think it was yonggi cho that said,” I hear I obey”, if his church is an example of hearing the whispers then bring on more this year Lord .

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