The time has come

I remember when the time came for Chelsea to be born. I was asleep at around 11pm at night and all of a sudden i woke up to all the lights being on in the house and Simone standing in the doorway saying, “Now i don’t want you to panic but my waters have just broken.” I peered over the covers to look at a pool of water on the floor and if there was a world record for moving from a horizontal sleeping position to a vertical standing position i would hold it. And what did i do once i was standing? PANICKED! Why? Because the time had come for our baby to be born.

I reckon Joseph might have had the same experience in Bethlehem with his betrothed Mary. He would have been frantically running around Bethlehem looking for somewhere for Mary to have this baby while Mary is saying, “Now don’t panic but…”

In Luke 2:1-7 the bible says, “The time had come for Mary to give birth.” I wonder if you’ve ever considered the significance of Jesus birth in light of the historical timeline. What we do know is that God doesn’t do anything by accident. He had a specific time in mind for when his Son would be incarnated in our midst (For more details come to our Christmas service on Sunday and i will fill you in during my sermon).

Alot of people see Christmas as a time for raw consumerism. Most people from a Christian faith background would see Christmas as a celebration of Jesus life but from God’s perspective there is a deeper reason to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a time when the promise of salvation entered the human story. The time has come for salvation not just celebrating Jesus birth.

I challenge you to see beneath the surface of purchasing good’s and services for people and see that the time has come for the world to acknowledge its need for salvation through Jesus Christ. Acts 4:12 says, “There is salvation in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Lead the Change!

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