How to envision the future

I want to recommend to you a book I’m reading called ‘The Visionary’s Handbook’ by Watts Wacker & Jim Taylor. I have found this book one of the most provocative books i’ve ever read because the authors present ideas about life and the future outside of most people’s thinking. Here is my interaction with these ideas from my perspective.

Exposure to ideas that challenge your thinking is essential if you want to grow in your thinking. Your thoughts influence every other area of your life and if you are prepared to exchange your limiting thoughts for truth then your behaviour will be transformed and if your behaviour is transformed then your external environment will be possibly transformed as well.

I want to challenge you to become a futurist. Become someone who envisions the future and brings the present into it. These are the people who truly shape the world we live in. Famous people don’t shape the world, futuristic leaders do because they have gone ahead of the masses and envisioned where the world is heading, discerned how people operate within it and listened to what God’s Spirit is saying about it all and they do something about it.

 To become a futurist you need to get a firm grasp on what you are as much as what you will be. You need to clarify and define your own values individually and corporately. Reflect on the more seminal moments of life that have defined you today and changed your perception of the future.

You need to take a global perspective on your life and consider it in the context of how you are interacting with the world around you. You should choose to take a few very visible actions that clarify where your future is heading and make sure you review your future effectively by looking at it in an “asynchronous” way (not normal ritual – monthly, quarterly or even annually). Why? Cause that’s what everyone is doing and they are all getting the same results (review it every 5 months or every 3 days or something…get out of the human ruts we create for ourselves).

You need to let questions drive your decision making not your answers. Questions describe tommorrow and the future is in opposition to the present. Lastly, recruit someone into your fool box (This is that annoying person who continually reminds you that you aren’t as good as you think you are and questions your conclusions to help you arrive at better one’s. To the futurists.

Lead the Change!

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