When God changes you!

Have you ever been conscious of God working in your life and transitioning you from one way of living and looking at the world to another way of living and looking at the world.

Most of us seem to skim through life and fail to notice the subtle changes that God is provoking in us but of late i have been conscious of God’s spirit at work in my own heart changing the way i think and the way i interact with the world around me.

This is exciting and scary at the same time. My ideas are becoming more creative and i am looking at the world through a different lens than i did even 12 months ago. I feel this sense of anticipation about what God is going to produce through me as a result of these changes.

Where is God at work in you today? Are you too busy to even notice? Do you sense God’s spirit wanting to tweak some things inside of you or are you just barreling ahead without paying attention to His whispers?

I challenge you today to take time out to reflect on what God is wanting to tweak in you. He has a plan for your life that requires growth and development on your part. The more you are open to his working inside of you the more you will become sensitive to the changes happening to you.

Lead the Change!

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