Consumer or Consumed?

Psa 69:9 says, “Zeal for your house has consumed me.”

It’s so easy to be a consuming Christian rather than a consumed Christian. The contrast between the two is subtle but yet massive in their results. A christian consumer connects with church to be fed and entertained while a christian who is consumed not only is hungry to get fed spiritually but is just as hungry to give back spiritually and practically into the church as well.

Because of the consumeristic culture we find ourselves in, it’s so easy to imbibe of the spirit of the culture and buy into the lie that life is all about me, myself and I. Christians are called to be counter-cultural and not to think of ourselves first but how we can love and honour each other, demonstrating that love through practical acts of generosity.

During this christmas time make a conscious choice to be consumed with God’s house and invest your life into it, not just consuming God’s house for your own benefit.

Lead the Change!

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