As we approach the end of another year i think it’s important to reflect upon the year past and do some self-examination.

It’s so easy in our western culture to just go through the motions of everyday life and miss the importance of critically reflecting on where you are personally at.

Christmas shopping, work, family, food, TV, bills, sports, church, etc…can just blend into each other and become a blur that we never emerge from. But if you are to grow as a person you need to stop and reflect if only for a short while on a few key areas of your life.

Firstly, are you growing in your relationship with God? Is your conversation with God deepening? Are you hungry for God’s word or could care less? Are you sharing your faith and inviting people to life group or church gatherings?

Secondly, how healthy are your personal relationships? Are there issues and tensions in your marriage that keep getting swept under the carpet or are you respectfully and transperantly working together on them? Are you intentionally investing love, affection and time into your kids lives or have they become an anoyance to your overcrowded schedule?

Thirdly, how is your physical health? Are you constantly tired or increasing in energy? Do you actively seek to eat healthy or don’t you care about what goes into your mouth? Remember you are what you eat. Are you carving out space in your week for some basic exercise like walking, running, cycling, swimming or strength training?

Fourthly, how is your schedule? Are you increasingly getting to bed later? Do you have any margin in your schedule or are you constantly in hurry mode rushing from one encounter to the next? Does your diary reflect your goals, values and priorities or do you just go with whatever the day brings?

Fifthly, what state are your finances in? Do you honour God in giving a tenth of your income to his work or do you forget to prepare yourself? Are you in debt up to your eye balls and constantly feel the weight of financial pressure or do you have financial margin? Are bills mounting up or do you have a system for regular payment? Is savings apart of your financial plan or is money going constantly out of your account?

Lastly, what does your personal growth look like? Do you even have one? Are you reading new books, my blog and being exposed to new ideas and places or just feeding off what you learnt 10 years ago? Do you make time in your week to listen to a sermon cd, podcast, research on the internet or do you just find yourself flopping into the linge chair and watching TV for hours on end on week nights?

These areas of life are essential to examine and i want to encourage you today to not ignore them but to critcally interact with yourself and assess where are you really at. Don’t go into another year without examining these important areas of your life.

Lead the Change

One Response to “Self-Examination”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    This is great, Corey. I love how you have concisely and comprehensively covered all the areas of our lives, encouraging us to reflect and improve. As humans we are always moving; whether it is forward or backward is up to us. This is really encouraging and reminds me how responsible I actually am for my own life; it is easy to point blame (especially in marriage) and complain that my life is not what I want it to be, but God has given me life and the incredible opportunity to live it to the full, being a blessing to others and growing in my relationship with God. Today’s devotion is really encouraging and empowering. Thanks, Corey!

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