The church goes viral!

The word ‘viral’ is most commonly used today to describe the ‘you tube’ video clips that are most popular in the world. Some ‘you tube’ clips have had as many as 20 million hits on them.

I began to think about what does it look like when the church goes viral?

2000 years ago in Acts 2 & 4 we read about the church going viral. Without TV, internet, printing press, planes, cars and mobile phones the church grew to 3000 in one day in Acts 2 and since then has spread throughout the world.

How did this happen and how can this be reproduced today?

Firstly, The Holy Spirit was the author of this move. The early church didn’t manufacture a move of God, they positioned themselves for God to move in them and through them. We too must position ourselves in prayer for God to move again.

Secondly, they devoted themselves to basic fundamentals – the apostles teaching, fellowship, prayer and communion. They weren’t distracted by a myriad of programs, they were focused on the most important things.

Thirdly, they were committed to unity with each other. They didn’t allow issues to mushroom into divisive rifts, they dealt with underlying tensions with honesty, love and respect. Where we walk in unity, we will also walk in blessing.

Fourthly, they were generous with their possessions. They actively sought out those who were needy and gave willingly to them without wanting anything in return. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of our church actively seeking out those in need and being lavish in our giving towards them.

The result – Signs and wonders were being performed through the hands of the apostles, people were being saved and added to their number daily, and great grace was upon them all = The church went viral.

The same is still possible today. You deciding to embrace God’s abundant grace and generously lavishing it on others is a key to seeing the love and power of Jesus spreading through the church to a desperate and needy world. Let’s go viral.

Lead the Change!

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