A church where everyone is welcome!

Let’s build a church where everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.

Too many churches create a culture where only some people are welcome and only some people are needed. But the church of Jesus Christ is for the whosoever, not the exclusive minority.

Let’s build a church where the dress code is ‘as long as you’ve got something on’ come on in. Let’s build a church where tattoos, mullets, rich, poor, factory workers, judges, aussies, asians, ceo’s, mums, dad’s, teenagers, kids, oldies, jeans, beer and generally anything else short of sin is accepted and welcomed.

Let’s pull down the walls that keep people out of church and create a culture where everyone is welcome.

Lead the Change!

4 Responses to “A church where everyone is welcome!”

  1. Awesome. Feeling inspired by these bite sized thoughts today, Thank you!

  2. Oh yes! welcome the asians!!! :p
    Amen to wall-less church! 🙂

  3. gail zammit Says:

    hey corey thats what we all want to hear…where everyone is welcome…man i think your awesome its about time ..time for the change …the mentality that only the bes twill do has got to go….amen..

  4. Ben Wallis Says:

    hey mate,
    loving the blog stream of consciousness!
    today’s thought is one of those issues that gives me holy discontent!!!
    break down those walls.
    keep those posts coming

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