Live life to the full!

I want to encourage you today to get amped about life. Life is full of wonderful opportunities to take advantage of that there’s no excuse for not getting something out of it. This morning i am bursting in my heart because i am reminded again of how good God is, how awesome are his plans for my life and how fantastic it is that i have breath in my lungs to do something extraordinary for God.

If you are reading this, God has a purpose for your life and his intention for you is to max out each day fulfilling it. What have you got planned for today? Are you dreading it or are you looking at it as God see’s it, an opportunity! Why don’t you tackle every task today and go into every appointment with passion and vigor, living as if this is the best day of your life, because it can be.

I read an article yesterday in the “Who Magazine” (I know, very heathen of me) about a man who at age 13 set 10 goals for his life. Some of these goals was to become a rock star in LA, fly in a MIG 28 fighter jet, make a million dollars, climb Mt Everest, spend 10 days on a space station and walk on the moon. This guy dedicated his life to these 10 goals and held himself to them and over 20 years later he has acomplished nearly all of his goals. His goal to spend 10days on a space station and to walk on the moon is being realised in May 2009 and he is currently training with Russian astronauts to get ready for this feat.

This guy is a regular joe who grew up in Port Melbourne with his Greek immigrant parents but he decided to take life by the balls and do something with it. What are you doing with the life God has given you. Your life is God’s gift to you but what you do with your life is your gift to God. Set 10 life goals and get busy achieving them today.

Life is short so lead the change!

One Response to “Live life to the full!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Awesome, corey. Love this line: Your life is God’s gift to you but what you do with your life is your gift to God. So true. This blog is a real blessing: you’re doing an amazing job. God bless xx

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