Why does the Church exist?

This is a question that we all too easily forget. One of the common problems in any organisation is what we call “mission drift”. Mission drift occurs when people within the organisation forget why the organisation exists. Mission drift happens when Christians prioritise more in-house activities rather than reaching unchurched people. Mission drift begins with you and me.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Becoming a Contagious Church’ by Mark Mittleburg and in it he spends an entire chapter talking about where contagious evangelism begins. He repeats over and over again, “It begins with you.”  If i don’t catch a passion for reaching out to the unchurched, no one else in my congregation will. if you don’t catch a passion to reach out to the unchurched, no one else in your life group will.

The church exists to make disciples of Jesus. Jesus came to seek and save the lost and this must be our priority as well. 2009 is a year where we build God’s House, one life at a time. Let’s stay on mission and keep the main thing the main thing.

Lead the Change!

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