Build God’s House 2009

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This is a powerful promise that throughout church history has proven true no matter how much opposition has come against the church. Not only is this promise true from a defensive position against Satan but also from an offensive position as the church attacks the strongholds of darkness in our communities.

In 2009 Jesus promise of a triumphant church will be seen through the ministry of Activate Church as we build God’s house with the Spirit of God. Next year we will be partnering togather as a congregation to accomplish many God-given projects that will transform people’s lives and our wider community. Some of these include a 4 week community impact project in a local secondary college, an Activate tour across Victoria, Activate Conference, Street teams, life group dinners, Activate keys, Miracle offering in February and much more. 

As we launch into 2009 i encourage you to pray for Activate Church and be apart of building God’s house, using what God has put into your hands. Don’t foget to come along this Sunday for ‘State of the Church’ and hear what the Spirit of God has accomplished through us in 2008 and what His plan is for us in 2009.

Lead the Change!

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