Church Marketing 101

I have been reading a fantastic book called “Church Marketing 101” by Richard Reising. I’ve observed the moment you mention the word ‘marketing’ in the church people start to freak out and perceive the church is selling out to the market place but rather the exact opposite is true.

Marketing is a biblical issue. In Mark 16:15 Jesus exhorts us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” This is a call to promote or market the Gospel throughout the world. Marketing is the management of people’s perception about something. When it comes to the church, marketing is about managing people’s perception of the church and the gospel message in a way that compels people to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour.

Through my research i’ve discovered that managing people’s perception concerning your church requires you to discover how people currently perceive your church, what your goal is for how you want people to perceive your church and what action do you need to take to bridge the gap.

Church Marketing is all about creating an environment to connect effectively with the unchurched. How do we do that? Here are some simple tips:

  • Check your attitude – Marketing begins with you and your heart for the lost
  • Value your presentation – If you value how you present you are showing you value your audience
  • Indoctrinate your volunteers – Impart a passion for connection via stories, symbols & space.
  • Celebrate your visitors – First impressions last so roll out the red carpet everytime you open the doors

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