Do what God tells you to do!

Yesterday in my devotions I read Deuteronomy 1:21-23. It talks about God’s call upon Israel to posess the Promised Land. When Moses communicated God’s intention to the congregation, their response was, “give us more information”. Israel wanted to send 12 spies to gather more information about the Promised Land. Moses responded to the people’s request rather than God’s command and the consequences were a majority negative report and forty years stuck in the wilderness. Here are my short reflections on this passage.

In this current climate of spiritual leadership, there is alot of emphasis placed on collaboration, counsel and accountability. I believe in these things and practice these things but there is a danger that the purposes of God can be delayed beyond God’s plan because so called ‘wise owls’ are asking for more information like Israel did.

God’s intention for Israel was the Promised Land, not the wilderness and yet more churches and leaders are stuck in desert season’s because the parameters they have allowed to be set up around them has hamstrung them from being 100% obedient to the voice of God.

There is a tension that exists between faith and wisdom and both of these streams would be wise to defer to obedience when God commands something to happen.

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