Lead the Change!

Lead the Change

There is a statement that i make frequently around our church and it is, “change is the only constant in this church.” Never was this more true during a recent phase of change in our church. A lot of things changed in our church, including: the name of the church; internal structures; office relocation; worship service relocation and our methods of communication including the website www.activatechurch.com

Even in our short history of two and a half years, it’s been interesting to observe how we have responded to the recent changes. Overall, the church has been very positive and taken full ownership of the direction God is taking us in. One of the things we need to keep in mind is that it’s naive to assume that churches are open to change. Churches traditionally glamourise the past and avoid future innovation.

One of the stats that help us understand why change is challenging for all churches is that 52% of Australians are more “steadiness” oriented than “driver” or “creator” oriented when it comes to change. Steadiness is an important quality to have and we all need loads of consistency in our lives (My wife has taught me much about this). But when it comes to the issue of somehting needing to change, a “driver” or “creator” approach is essential for the change to become reality.

Joshua 1:1-9

In Joshua 1:1-9 we read about God’s challenge to Joshua, Israel’s new leader, after Moses had just died. God says, “Moses, my servant is dead, now therefore arise.” The word arise means to get up and change your position. Here Joshua was mourning his leader and friends death and God says, enough is enough, its time to change and move forward into what I have for you. In the following verses i have found principles of change that can help all of us handle change effectively and lead the change in the world around us.

Change is necessary when the smell of death is in your ministry – Too many leaders are riding a dead horse and they don;t even know it. Leaders must develop their sense of smell and know when they walk into a ministry environment if something is a bit wiffy or not. Joshua was a leader but even he needed God to come and state the obvious to him before he would change. We need to confront the brutal facts about what’s really dead in our ministries and respond accordingly.

Change begins with you before anyone else – God begins with Joshua because Joshua is the leader. Change begins with you, not someone else. How can you lead the change if you aren’t changing yourself. Become the change you want to see in the world around you.

Change requires you to step out into new opportunities – You can’t take people where you haven’t been yourself. Joshua had to step out before the rest of the nation could claim their inheritance. Don;t cap the people around you because you’re unwilling to take steps of faith into new opportunities. Make room for your ministry and step out!

Change requires a clarity of vision – God gave Joshua a clarity of vision. Each of the changes that Joshua made was in alignment with the end in mind. We need to be strategic about the changes we make in our lives so that it’s in alignment with the vision God’s given to us. Don;t change it if it doesn’t fit with the vision.

Change requires a conviction that God’s with you – Moses may not have entered the Promised Land but he had enough wisdom to say to God, “if your presence doesn’t go with us, do not let us go up from here.” Moses knew that if God’s presence was not with them, it didn’t matter what they tried to do. Be sure that God is in the changes you are intending to make. How do you know? Ask him and observe the fruit of the intending change.

Change requires courage – There’s no two ways about it. You need ticker if you’re going to lead the change. Only couragous people dare initiate change. The greater the change, the more that genuine courage is needed.

Change requires you to be careful to follow God’s instructions – Change is prickly at the best of times but change really goes pear shaped when you start to ignore God’s instructions. Obedience is the key to success and God made sure that Joshua was clear on the instructions before he led the change. You need to administer the same wisdom as you lead the change yourself.

Be encouraged by Joshua’s encounter with God and align your leadership with God’s principles of change and you too can lead the change effectively.

Leading the change with you!

2 Responses to “Lead the Change!”

  1. Good on you Corey….Age is irrelevant…..Circumstances may alter, Issues in our lives continue on …. however , ypou are RIGHT…..CHANGE & OPENESS IS A CHOICE !
    Keep giving the World , the truth of JESUS .


  2. Thanks Ps Corey for a timely reminder! 🙂
    Indeed if I want to see change in my world, I have to BE that change!
    and oh, never giving up helps too hey! :p

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